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Property Blue is an Investment Management Company that provides investors access to superior investments and returns with transparency at all times. At the heart of Property Blue’s culture is building trust through strong communication and continuous disclosure. Property Blue is leveraging off its previous experience and networks to deliver unique high yielding property projects to Investors which are traditionally difficult to access.

Our key to success is identifying experienced and successful property developers who are able to provide first early stage access to projects and possess strong networks with a track record of executing transactions.

We assess our projects against our core culture and beliefs of:


we are honest in our interactions and consider the highest principles and morals to be upheld at all times.


we are focussed upon delivering outstanding results and experiences for all our stakeholders.


we take responsibility for the execution of each interaction and transaction in which we engage.


we believe in strong and clear communication of all matters no matter how difficult they may be.


we are passionate about what we do, from achieving investor returns to developing the Australian nation.

Current Investment Opportunity

Ripley View Debt Fund.

A wholesale fund designed for investors who are seeking consistent and stable investment returns in all market environments. The fund is best suited to:

  • Investors seeking income – if you are seeking to improve your income at potentially higher rates than bank term deposits.
  • Investors close to retirement – if you are seeking an investment with low correlation to the stock market with an emphasis on capital preservation.

    Wholesale Investors


    9%+ PA*




    18 Months

Fund Benefits

We focus on short to medium term property related investments that offer defined entry and exits and superior returns.


  • Experienced Team
  • Aligned Interests
  • Rigorous Research
  • Diverse Portfolio
  • Capital Preservation
  • Competitive Returns

Our Mission

To provide alternative property investments with a focus on preserving capital and generating superior returns. This is our belief that market prices for properties do not always reflect their fundamental value and there is opportunity to generate value through the development process.

Meet the Property Blue Management Team

Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher

Managing Director/Investment Committee Member

Adam is the founder of Property Blue. He has over 10 years’ experience in property development, and property related businesses. He is currently involved in multiple projects across three states including apartment complexes, land subdivisions, and a hotel development.

Troy Burns

Troy Burns

Investment Committee Member

Troy has over 15 years’ experience in investment management, hedge funds and business. Troy oversees all operations of the Fund with regards to compliance, and adherence to the investment mandate.
Craig Jordan

Craig Jordan

Investment Committee Member

Craig has over 12 years of Development Management and Town Planning experience across a range of residential and commercial developments. Over the years, Craig’s experience has included working for Local Government, Land Development Consultants, and leading Land
Ben Ritchie

Ben Ritchie

Investment Committee Member

Ben is the Funds Operations Manager at Non Correlated Capital, and is the Compliance Officer for Property Blue. Ben has over 20 years’ experience in business and financial controls and has held roles as Financial Controller, Acting CFO and Company Secretary for an ASX Listed Company.

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Highest Standards of Accountability

We are honest in our interactions and consider the highest principles and morals to be upheld at all times by all parties. We take responsibility for the execution of each interaction and transaction in which we engage. We believe in strong and clear communication of all matters.